Install Play Store on any android device

What is the Android application store and how to install Play Store?

Android, a system for smart touch phones based its code in Linux, its development is in charge of the “computer giant Google”, Android currently gives life to tablets, tvs, smart watches, sound equipment and automobiles.

Android, in the market covers more than 90 % of sales of smart phones that use the system, winning to their competitors in the Apple and Windows Phone.

Android has evolved since its inception in several versions, corrects known bugs and also adds new features being the preferred system when buying a mobile phone.

Each update of the Android system, are appointed by the names of “candy” that go in alphabetical order.

The success of the android system has much to do with its application store commonly called “Play Store”, is known with the name of “Android Market”; currently has the name of “Google Play Store”.

Google Play Store, is the Android store where we can find an infinity of applications for our devices with this system, this application store is owned by Google, you can find applications developed by third parties, in the Google Play Store you can find from music, movies, books, magazines, games, etc. 

The applications of the Google Play Store, are available in two forms: free and paid. According to data from Google there is more than one million apps available on Google Play Store.  Some applications require special permissions known as ” root permissions”.

Google Play Store, divided into the following categories:

  • Shown.
  • Applications: shows all of the applications and the sorted by categories.
  • Games: A diversity of games for leisure, to some games require minimum technical characteristics for your optimal functioning.
  • Search: Google Play Store allows you to do a specific search.
  • My Downloads: sample applications that we have installed in our Android device.

Another relevant point that has the Google Play Store is the format of your applications with .APK, all pre-installed applications have this extension.

Google Play Store, scan your applications to avoid security problems, if you install an application outside of Google Play Store are advised caution.

Google Play Store to overcome billion downloads of their applications, between the top of these applications we have:

  • Facebook.
  • Messenger.
  • Whatsapp.
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat.

In this article we will show you how to download Play Store in a safe manner, then how to install Play Store App.

Download the APK of Install Google Play Store

In this article we will show you how to Download Play Store APK in a safe manner, free of viruses.

The APK file Play Store, will allow the installation on our mobile devices, can also be used to install Play Store in a digital tablet.

In the last paragraph will give you some recommendations for the typical mistakes that often occur when you run Play Store in our android devices, in order to avoid such errors are sometimes requires that they have “root permissions”

How do I root to my device?. For root access we invite you to look up on Youtube, for example: “How to make root to Samsumg Galaxy S7”.


We will explain step by step how to download Play Store in our android devices, the following methods have been tested, so we guarantee its operation at the time of download Play Store.

Download Play Store using APTOIDE

Aptoide is a market of Android applications, which will allow us to download it from their official website, once installed on our mobile device, download Play Store, the Play Store Apk is automatically downloaded to the memory of our mobile device.

How do I download Aptoide in my android device?

We enter the page oficila of Aptoide: https://
install play store by aptoide

Then we click on the button “Install” Aptoide, this will automatically download a file apk for installation, for which aptoide can be installed on our mobile phone we have to do the following settings:

Go to “Settings”
Then “Security”

configure mobile phone
Subsequently activate: “unknown sources”

configure mobile phone

Once installed the application of Aptoide Download Play Store.

Now to download Play Store, we seek in Aptoide “Google Play Store”.

download google play store

Aptoide will show a list of applications, we select the first. Once inside the selected application proceed to download the “Google Play Store”
boton download play store

The APK file from the Google Play Store, it will be installed automatically in our device

This repository of android applications called Aptoide will allow us to install Google Play Store.

Download Play Store using AIRDROID

The second method to download Play Store Apk, use the remote access application called “Airdroid”, for this procedure we are going to need the use of another mobile phone that has the “Google Play Store”.

Now we enter the Play Store on the device and seek “Airdroid” and proceed to install.

– Once installed aidroid we go to our computer and write to the following address:
windows airdroid

– In our mobile device access to the Airdroid application and click on the Scan button on QR codes.
conect airdroid pc

– AirDroid will activate the camera scan QR code and aim at the web address listed above.
scan qr code airdroid

– Once synchronised AirDroid in the browser of our computer, we click on “Apps”
interface airdroid

A screen will appear – to which we do the following steps:

download google play store apk
1. Select “System”
2. Place them in the search engine “Google Play Store”
3. We select the App “Google Play Store”
4. In the “Download” button click to start the download of Apk of Play Store.
5. The file will be downloaded to our computer, then proceed to send it to our mobile device to install Play Store.

download apk by airdroid

Download Play Store by url

This is one of the easiest ways that we have to download Play Store, for which we need the id of the application “Google Play Store”.

We will explain step by step this method.

To do this we need to enter to the page:

download play store by url

In this page we enter the url of the application “Google Play Store”.

To search for the url we head to:

We seek in it the “Google Play Store” and copy the link.

After this we are going to paste the link page, click on “Generate Download Link”, the download from Google Play Store.


This method is to download the apk file from any application playstore.

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