Google Play Store App Install Correctly!

Previously explain how important it is to have the “Google App Store” on our mobile enabled device installed with Android operating system, in this new article will show you how to avoid the error messages.

  1. “I do not open the application” or
  2. Sorry. Google PlayStore Application stopped

Here we bring you the solution to these common errors that occur when you install Google Play Store App.

These two messages occur when the application of “Google App Store” is installed as “App User”, producing instability in the operating system.

What do we need to solve this problem Google App Store?

  1. Our device must have “Root Access”.
    It would be very lengthy to explain how to get root access, we invite you to search YouTube a tutorial that explains this
  2. Link2SD have installed the application.
    Eye, this application only works if the device has root permissions. We can download Link2SD by applying “Aptoide” I leave here as installing (LINK) and download the APK Link2SD.
  3. Having the application of “SUPER SU”
    This will allow an administrator to assign permissions to the Link2SD application, you can also use another similar to this grant permissions to applications root application.

What steps should I follow to Google Play Store App Install Correctly?

  1. Must install Aptoide from their official website.We recall that before installing Aptoide, we must activate the option from unknown sources in our Android device. Go to “General” – “Security” – Activate “Unknown sources” – OK.

  1. Once installed Aptoide, seek Link2SD and install.
  2. By Aptoide also we install “SuperSU”
  3. Then we install “Google Play Store”
  4. Now open the application Link2SD, we will open a popup window asking SuperSU “administrator” accept and look for “Google App Store”
  5. Select the application “Convert to system app”
  6. After that we reboot your Android device.

That’s all hope it has been helpful this tutorial, I remember if you installed some “room cooked” have to install the “Gapps” chord to your processor to avoid mistakes, it is essential to have the application “GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES “for optimal performance of GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

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